I develop & design.

Birb (Discord Bot)

Birb is a Discord bot that was designed to complete everything that a server to a user could need. From fun commands, to useful commands, to NSFW commands, Birb has you covered.

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English ↔ Nato Converter

Convert between the Nato phonetic alphabet (i.e Alpha Beta Crimson) from English and back again using this quick and easy resource.

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/r/Naut Theme Generator

Generate a color scheme (and change some basic assets) of the /r/naut theme and adapt your subreddit into something more custom!

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Pokemon Picross Solutions WIP

Pokemon Picross on the 3DS is an almost challenging puzzle game, therefore we made this resource to make breezing through the game a piece of cake.

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Oldman Glitch

Pokemon Red & Blue contained a weird glitch that allowed for people (when surfing on a specific shore, or other specific situations) catch MissingNo. and other glitch Pokémon. This resource calculates the "other Pokémon".

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